Daniel Cimo




Daniel, a seasoned violinist, calls the enchanting Central Coast of California home. With over two decades dedicated to the art of violin and fiddling, his musical journey is a vibrant exploration of diverse styles from around the world and throughout history.


Daniel’s musical odyssey began with the Suzuki method, immersing him in the world of classical music. Growing up in the lively atmosphere of Chicago, his spirit resonated with the soulful sounds of Jazz and Blues. The Academy of Irish Music became a second home as he delved into the intricate world of Celtic fiddling, weaving another layer into his musical tapestry.

Formally educated at Augustana College, Daniel focused on classical music and music education. However, it was the move to San Luis Obispo that truly shaped his musical identity. The breathtaking landscapes, the rhythmic pulse of the surf, and the rich food and wine culture of the Central Coast have left an indelible mark on his artistic expression.


In his musical journey, Daniel has had the pleasure of collaborating with local talents such as Proxima Parada, Moonshiner Collective, and the Tipsy Gypsies. The culmination of these experiences led to The Cimo Brothers winning the New Times Music Award for Best Original Song in 2019—a testament to their collective passion and creativity.

Current Work

Currently, Daniel finds himself immersed in his band The Big Sirs of Swing, a musical endeavor that fuses his love for swing with influences drawn from California’s unique cultural tapestry. The joy of playing with this talented ensemble is matched only by their shared commitment to creating music that resonates with the heart and soul.

Join Daniel on this musical journey, where every note is a reflection of the landscapes, cultures, and experiences that have shaped his artistry. Let the music carry you to the sun-soaked shores and rolling hills of the Central Coast.

Daniel in front of door


Join Daniel on this musical journey, where every note is a reflection of the landscapes, cultures, and experiences that have shaped his artistry. Let the music carry you to the sun-soaked shores and rolling hills of the Central Coast.

Wedding Music Sampler


Ernesto Lecuona


My good friend Grant Chase (cello) and I playing part of the Andalucia suite by Ernesto Lecuona


Written by Daniel Cimo

A big thanks to my brother Vince for helping me bring my composition “Birdsong” to life.  You can hear him shredding on the bass, drums, and guitar, setting the scene for my keyboard and violining.  This tune was inspired by walking in the woods and listening to the serene songs of the birds.  Hope you enjoy!

Setting Sail

Written by Daniel Cimo

I had a lot of fun with this one!  Just one of my creations where I got to put many of my different instruments together.  While play the banjo, djembe, violin, and mandolin, I hope you can imagine yourself on a voyage sailing on the open sea.  Cheers!

Aller Retour

Written by Angelo Debarre

Having a blast doing a little trading on this wild tune Aller Retour with my gypsy jazz band The Big Sirs of Swing.

Double Scotch

Angelo DeBarre




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Recordings & Transcribing

Recordings & Transcribing

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Daniel Cimo lives on the Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo. He is available for performances throughout California and abroad. Feel free to use the contact for booking inquiries or use the form below.


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